Industrial Park Central Europe


- central position in the mid of Europe
- central position in the triangle of the cities of Bayreuth, Hof and Weiden
..with a total population of approx. 240,000 inhabitants
..(thereof ca. 80,000 residents in the administrative district of Wunsiedel)
- situated at "Porzellanstraße" (Chinaware Route)
..(large potential customer base due to industrial selling)
- local airport in Hof - regular air connection to Frankfurt
- separate motorway exit (expressway "Autobahn A 93"),
..large parking lot with service area
- heavy commuter traffic "Newly-formed German States - Southern Bavaria"
- direct connection to state roads 2176, 2180 and 2665,
..therefore good connection in a westward direction towards expressway "
--Autobahn A 9"
- traffic junction for local public transport lines Marktredwitz - Selb and Schirnding - --Wunsiedel
- attractively low real estate prices for investors
- possibilities for government aid:;
..(economy/support programs)
- scenic low mountain range attractions (tourism, hiking trails and bicylce routes,
..wellness/spa, cultural activities)
- adequate basic supply regarding health care, education, nourishment and craftsmanship
..(medical doctor, dentist, day-care center, primary school, supermarket, craftsmen)
- accelerated economic growth due to the opening of the Czech border
- close to Czech spa triangle (Franzensbad, Karlsbad and Marienbad) with international ..clientele;
..catchment area of approx. 300,000 residents within a radius of 60 km
- local airport in Karlsbad - direct connection to Moscow and St. Petersburg
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but you also can call
Werner Gabel Tel. 09233-7742240

or Bernd Hofmann
(Tel. 09233-7742210 oder 09233-8352)

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